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02-17-2005, 03:22 AM
REV: Lady Claire


Last Sunday, I saw Lady Claire for an FBSM session.
It was a rare and wonderful experience on many levels -- the sensual, the playful, the sexual, and the human level. She is a beautiful, loving person with a good sense of humor and a generous spirit. She also loves to kiss deeply and frequently, and this is pretty rare in the biz.

After seeing her, I felt that I had won the lottery -- a good massage, and superb sensual service, with a real feeling of connection. She's Jack Benny's mythical age, but seems quite a bit younger. Her body is great, and she's happy to allow liberal access if you ask nicely (within the outer bounds of FBSM.) Her attentions after the flip were world-class, and included a very pleasant (and eventually intense) finger wave -- not everyone who offers that can do it well.

I saw her on the last day of a special (lucky me!), but even at the normal rate of $135 or $150 (I've seen both listed) for FBSM, this is still a very good deal. She's the good-looking girl next door, with a brain and a warm soul, great conversational skills, a snse of fun, and no unreasonable inhibitions. When I arrived in my black suit and tie (on the other board, she onced said that she gets turned on by men in business attire), I tried to convert her to Mormonism (an old joke, gleaned from one of her TRB posts), but it didn't work. I then learned that she's actually quite religious, anthouigh she doesn't make a big thing of it. Rather than getting in the way of her providing a good time, I think her religion actually gives her the spiritual depth and confidence to provide an even better time.

I had read up on Claire extensively before visiting her, and my hopes were very high based on her many positive reviews. She exceeded those lofty expectations, and I left feeling very fortunate to have spent an hour with such an evolved, balanced, attractive and loving person. Even if you connect with her on only the physical level, you'll be very satisfied.

Some random but significant details:
Rainier Beach location in a nice 95-year-old well-maintained Craftsman house.
About 5-7 height, fit and trim, neither skinny nor plump.
Long red hair that she uses very skillfully as part of the massage.
No red hair south of the border, but several little ring piercings there.
A bunch of tattoos, nice looking and not distracting.
I'm guessing a C bust (could be a very large B), with big and richly-colored responsive nips and areolas that are to die for.
After the flip, she will get on the table and lie next to you while pleasuring you and allowing you to do likewise.

She also offers FS, and I think an intermediate level involving mutual (?) French.

All in all, Lady Claire is a very impressive hardware/software bundle.
L 9, A 11, S 10