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Thread: Been a while! AJ Fox & Salihah Syn Reviews

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    Been a while! AJ Fox & Salihah Syn Reviews

    I haven't checked into this in so long, forgot my pass and everything. Well, now Summer's here and it's time to continue the hobby! I have two reviews for my fellow pooners tonight.

    AJ Fox
    I saw AJ about a week ago when I saw her picture featured on the site. I was fiending pretty hard and she seemed good enough. I get to the den and pay for the hour, then wait for a minute before I'm greeted by a cute girl in dark lingerie. Aj isn't much in the face.. more of a GND look with a cute smile, but her body looked amazing, small frame and big tits. Already, I had a tiny beef with her though when she smiled and said, "Hi, I'm AJ" before hurrying back off to her room, which pretty much forced me to scamper in after her. I'm sorry, I feel weird as it is sometimes when I go there, so not even getting a hug or anything when we first meet turned me off a bit. We get in and she closes the door behind me, asking me how my day was and stuff about the weather, generic questions that went on for a bit with us before she started the shower. I got in ALONE while she undressed and waited for me on the bed. I hadn't even gotten to touch her yet until I laid down next to her and had to make a move. Her kissing was nice and soft but seemed a little forced. No DFK or DATY which had me ticked since she's supposed to be GFE and the CBJ had no effect on me whatsoever. I'm a little on the bigger side but nothing she couldn't have handled.. she used her hand for most of it . By this point I was ready to get it over with so we started with mish, doggie, then I finished with her on top. The enthusiasm just wasn't really there on her part. Some moaning but she was sort of like a doll. I was in there for all of about 20 minutes before showering (she actually joined me this time) and getting a peck before heading out. My buddy saw her last April and was out pretty early too..Hmmm.

    F:7 B:8.5(one of her boobs is a little deformed but still a nice rack) A:6 S:5
    Repeat: Not likely

    Salihah Syn
    Okay, now this girl has been on my list for about a year now and I saw her two days ago. She advertised on Perb for only a week I think last summer and I was constantly cancelled on 'til one day she just disappeared. She's back now on ERS so I thought I'd try my luck one more time. Her pictures are pretty accurate, she's got little stretch marks on her bum but they're not a deal breaker for me at all. We emailed back and forth and it turns out she used to be Rhianna from the Fox Den, so I knew I HAD to try her, since I ended up going with Armani before and wasn't impressed. She did an outcall to my apartment. She told me that she usually doesn't do that but I guess let it slide cause I'm not too far from her incall location. I came down to meet her and I must say, she looks very young for 20.. made me a little nervous at first lol. Her face is quite pretty in my opinion, exotic, kind of a mix of Zoe Saldana and Joy Bryant (I know my black chicks lol) with long black hair and a slender body, though the girl's got hips! We get up to my place and sit down to chat for a bit as I gave her my donation ($$85 for the hour). She's very playful, jokes a lot and has a sarcastic charm about her. I admit it threw me since I wasn't used to it at all, but enjoyed the banter. This chick is a definite tease as well. Took her a while to get completely naked for me, I didn't mind since she had fun undressing me first while giving me a lot of DFK(finally!). She ended up asking me to help her undress and BBBJ was on the menu, as well as digits but she made me wash my hands first. Salihah isn't a dominant girl. She's a dirty talker, enjoyed doggy and mish.. pretty much anything that put me in control I finished during doggy and went one more time before ripping off the rubber and finishing on her ass. She's a spinner, small A boobs, tiny waist and a big booty. The only problem I had was with her hair. They were those clip on things so I couldn't really run my hands through it. She told me it was a "black girl problem", which did make me laugh lol. When we were done, she asked me to clean her in the shower before we both dressed, had a quick kiss and she was on her way. I have to say, I overall enjoyed her and wondered why I hadn't already seen a review. Oh, well. A first for everything!
    F:8.5 B:9(stretch marks, but great behind nonetheless) A:9.5 S:9
    Repeat: I'll say!

    I realize these are pretty long and the ratings are pretty one-sided, but I'm into the darker SPs, so I guess I can't help myself Hope you enjoyed!

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    another below average fox. sad how the place has gone down in terms of service the last little while. even the new foxes they've been hiring are hardly knockouts compared to a few years ago. i guess when there is no competition they don't care as much.

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    Do not see Salihah Syn on ERS. Contact?

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    All of the foxes are jokes. They'll let you drive it into them, but won't kiss or touch? When that's the case, I don't understand the point of being an SP. I won't even go near the new foxes. I think I'm done with the hit & misses.

    No contact number.

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    I agree what is it with so called GFE foxes, I had made arrangements to see a well known escort who had to bale at the last min, no problem she gave me notice in advance and even suggested a few in her place.
    So I called Carmens and against my better judgement choose a fox , with no reviews, Michelle and excluse fox GFE and 400 big ones sounds great was looking forward to seeing her. When she came to my hotel door Wow she was beautiful young and intellegent,things deterioated from there, tired to kiss her but she closed her mouth ?great, very unreponsive from then own things only got worse, off to the bed room , she undressed an man did she have a great body , but did not liked to be touched, actually layed there with her hands covering her nicley shaved beaver, settled for a hand job and short BJ finished in a few mins, should have told her to go when no kissing was allowed but was horney.
    If I ask for GFE I expect GFE , this is bullshit.

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