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Thread: Weird One #2

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    Weird One #2

    This second one was not only weird but a little scary. I am looking for advice on how you guys would handle the situation?

    Weird Encounter #2

    I was in Edmonton on business staying at my favorite hotel in the downtown core. I was late getting back to the hotel from a day of meetings and headed into the hotel bar for a drink and a bite to eat. There was nobody in the place so I sat down at the counter and asked the bartender for a beer and menu. I ordered and as I waited for my soup to arrive a woman, in her mid thirties I gathered, came in and sat down right beside me.

    I was kind of pissed off that she chose to sit right next to me, seeing as how the counter had plently of space as did the entire restaurant. I took some time out from my papers to look up when she said, hi. I looked up and to my right to see a very attractive brunette with soft features and big brown eyes looking at me. She started with small talk, do you come here often, what business are you in, etc. all of which I answered. In between reading the papers I had to get through before morning, I asked the same about her, not really caring what the answer was. Her voice changed from soft to very terse and she went on to say;

    Her: You are a hard guy to hit on
    Me: >I put down my paper, take off my glasses< I didn't realize that you were hitting on me.
    Her: Well I was, and you blew it..
    Me: Oh well

    I think that pissed her off more than not realizing she was hitting on me, because she got up and moved to another table. I finished my soup and packed up to go back to my room. As I headed out of the bar, she ran after me, saying she was sorry, her week at home had been a bad one and she was looking for a little conversation. Could she buy me a drink, to say sorry. I looked down the hall towards the elevator and I should have ran for it, but I said sure she could buy me a drink.

    With me more concentrated on her than my paper and soup, she seemed a lot more happy. She downloaded a lot of shit on me about her boyfriend and ex-husband and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it was getting late, the bartender wanted to close up so I suggested we leave so he could do just that. As we got to the elevator she asked if I would like to come back to her room for a drink. Drink being a euphemism for sex. I said sure, but that I would rather just fuck than play anymore games. She said perfect and as soon as we hit the door, she pounced like she hadn't had sex in years. She took my hand and put it up her skirt to reveal a soaking wet pussy. We progress to the point of actually getting ready to fuck and the following transpired;

    Me: Do you have any condoms?
    Her: Don't worry about it.
    Me: Are you fucking crazy?
    Her: I am safe
    Me: I could care less what you say, I am not fucking you without a condom.
    Her: Can you go get some?
    Me: You want me to get dressed find a convenience store buy the condoms and walk back her and start all over again?
    Her: Yeah
    Me: No, not going to happen. Why don't you go get them and ring me when you get back. I am in room number _____BIG MISTAKE GIVING HER MY ROOM NUMBER - MORE TO COME.

    I thought that would be the end of it but about 30 minutes later I get a call, and she says she now has some rubbers and for me to come up. I go back up and we fuck for awhile and I leave...end of story...NOPE.

    She comes by my room at 8:00 am asking to fuck again. I tell her I am sorry but I have a long drive ahead of me before a noon meeting and that I have to go. I make it back to the hotel at about 7 pm and there is a note under my door. Come see me.

    I don't bother going. About 10 minutes later my room phone rings.

    Her: Oh, your in
    Me: Yes, I just stepped in.
    Her: Didn't you see the note I left?
    Me: Yes
    Her: And you didn't call?
    Me: I just got in.
    Her: Do you want to do anything?
    Me: No, not really.
    Her: How about a bite to eat?
    Me: No
    Her: How about a drink?
    Me: No, I just ordered room service.
    Her: I thought you just said you weren't hungry?
    Me: That's not what I said,
    Her: I really want to talk to you.
    Me: I am not really into it tonight
    Her: Listen _____uses my real name (up to this point no names have been given) I really want to talk to you.
    Me: I hang up
    Her: >calling my cell phone< did you hang up on me?
    Me: How did you get this number?
    Her: I have my ways
    Me: This is tantamount to a threat
    Her: All I want is to talk to you, I don't want to threaten you.
    Me: I will be right up.

    I walk in and she is trying to undo my belt. I tell her that I don't appreciate games and I want to know what she wants. She says that she wants to be friends with benefits. I tell her that I do not engage in ongoing relationships and that it would never happen, and that even if I were to consider it, that she killed it with her recent display.

    She says, "how about one more fuck", and all I can think about is her using my visit, possible DNA to her advantage. So I remain stoic and say no, it is not going to happen. I leave and the next day catch a flight home. I get off the plane and there is a message from her, saying that she was sorry and if I wanted we could still be friends with benefits.

    I haven't called back and ignored her 3 other calls. I am not sure if ignoring her is the best option?

    I have had jealous girlfriends who did some crazy shit when I was younger, parking in front of my house all night waiting for me to come home, waiting in my bed, stalking the new girl I was dating but this was a league of its own.

    It has totally scared me off the random hook-ups.

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    I assume that she doesn't know where you live? She seems to have some ability to track down personal details which is a little alarming. Since she has a cell number, she might be able to track you through that. I'd be inclined to change numbers, although I appreciate that that is a pain. My cell is the only number most people have for me. I use a prepaid one for sketchy hobby purposes (which are few and far between) but it sounds like that's advice coming too late!

    Not knowing your domestic "situation", this has the potential to become either annoying or downright worrisome!

    Good luck.

    For what it's worth, I like your weirdo #1 better!

    Have you see this movie by the way?

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    All above told the truth. Let's discuss this question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fooxkind View Post
    All above told the truth. Let's discuss this question.

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    It is remarkable, rather amusing information

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    She probably got your details from the hotel desk clerk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McDiver View Post
    She probably got your details from the hotel desk clerk.
    a little bit of payola (your payola ultimately) goes a long way in a city like edmonchuck
    believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you actually see - question EVERYTHING...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunkaHunkaBurninLuv View Post
    ...or a little sexual gratification behind the counter
    true that... sexual gratification is free to the dispenser, whereas money can be put to such better purposes!
    believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you actually see - question EVERYTHING...

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    Quote Originally Posted by McDiver View Post
    She probably got your details from the hotel desk clerk.
    That's what I am figuring as well. I thought about it later and wondered if she saw my name on the papers I was reading, and then had my room number and went to the desk for a replacement door key. Then she would have access to an alarming amount of information. I cannot change my number unfortunately, and I am a rather, public, so simply having my name is enough for her to know anything and everything she would ever need.

    I haven't had any calls from her for a few days so, I am starting to relax a bit. Yeah, I did think of the bunny boiling in the pot.

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    Wow that is really creepy.

    I have a stalker story too but its not from a hookup though.

    But I know the feeling you get when someone does something so out there...partly amazed, stunned and freaked out, all at once. I had this ex boyfriend from like 10 years ago, back in Montreal, somehow find out about Mademoiselle Bijou. So even if I don't speak to anyone he might be in touch with, I didn't leave a forwarding number when I moved out here and I have honestly no idea how he.managed to find me this way - he did. That was weird enough for me when he out of the blue emailed me at my Bijou email account, and already knowing that if I make the mistake of giving him even one minute of my time, even if that minute is spent telling him off or telling him to get lost, I'm fucked and right back to the starting point because I've unwittingly opened the door.

    When the words "don't ever call me. I don't want to be your friend, I don't want you to call me again, I don't want to speak to you - have a nice life far away from me" translate to "Let's be in touch, I'm so happy to hear from you and I would love to have you start calling me every few days so we can chat and pick up where you think we left off. Im dying to have you around", you know you should not even say ANYTHING because nothing you say can or will get through. So don't give them any attention, or response, not even any acknowledgement.. Nothing.

    Hopefully that leaves no door open and soon enough they give up and move on.


    Or, if you're me, they go to Vanouver (from montreal), pretend to be someone else, book an appointment and end your front door. Holding up flowers. If that happens, cross your fingers that your guts tell you something's up and you check out who's at the door BEFORE opening it. They may know your address and that may be unsettling but thank god you're not stuck face to face, having let them in your home. When they start calling and emailing again, trying to meet or at least speak to you - Starr over from the beginning. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

    Then maybe she'll get the hint. Finally. Or at worst, send you crazy, rambling emails ever year for your birthday - which of course you should ignore and under no circumstances consider responding to. Not ideal, I know, but all things considered, manageable. (If he ever showed up again, I would call the police and get a restraining order or whatever they're called to make sure he stays away. )

    Lol Anyway, obviously there's way more to that story but all this to say that some people are just nuts and nothing you do will ever get through.

    My 2 cents of advice:

    1- If you can change your cell number, do it.

    2- I would also make a complaint to the manager at the hotel where you like to stay. They're NOT supposed to give out your information and I would make sure they know never to do that again.

    3- Don't return or take her calls, you've already been clear with her, any normal person would accept it and drop it. The fact that she isn't is her issue, not yours. And people like that take any attention, even the smallest acknowledgement, and even if only to tell her off, as an invitation to continue chasing and harassing you. They don't get the message, the only way to have a chance that she'll leave you alone, is to completely ignore her calls or attempts to get your attention.

    4- If she somehow showed up near you -at your work, home, whatever (I doubt it but I'm just saying in case she did), tell her again you want nothing to do with her, you are serious and you will contact the police if she ever tries to contact you again. DO IT if she's crazy enough to take it that far (highly unlikely).

    *** But make sure you Bitch to the hotel manager ***


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoff View Post
    I cannot change my number unfortunately, and I am a rather, public, so simply having my name is enough for her to know anything and everything she would ever need.
    Sorry, hadn't seen your response. Yeah, I had that same problem. Mademoiselle Bijou is easy enough to find so even if I changed my contact info, it doesn't help much.

    Sorry you had to deal with that crap. Hopefully she's done now. Lol

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    give her tobleroney's number. he could use the attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathreborn View Post
    give her tobleroney's number. he could use the attention.
    hah, that made me giggle!

    I am sorry you are dealing with this! How awful! I can imagine how freaked out you would be that she ended up with your cell number. Probably a not so smart desk clerk at the hotel gave it to her.. though how she found out your name is a mystery. Maybe she knows someone who works at the hotel, maybe this isn't the first time this has happened... She seems pretty persistent to be fwb with a stranger, doesn't sound like the first time she has tried this. If you are a pretty public figure maybe she recognized you and was trying to latch on based on who you are.

    anyways we can play the what if game all day. Ignore her and if she doesn't stop then call the police. You could probably also get her number blocked through your cell phone carier.

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    (which is usually, mostly up to date )

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    Update. So this woman would not leave me alone. She kept calling me at all hours, showed up at my work and waited for me to leave one day. She just couldn't take no for an answer. Still at this point, I did not know her name so going to the police was not possible. I went to a private investigator, made arrangements for her to meet me at a pub, and told her that I didn't want to hear from her again or I would 'take it to the next step'. I guess she thought her anonymity would prevent me from doing anything drastic. The PI followed her from the bar, had her license plate and her address, then I had her name and a ton of other information.

    I showed up at her house at dinner, her husband answered the door, and I asked if Karen was home (I made up a name before I got there). I said that I used to know this girl named Karen and was told that she lived at this address (by now the woman had heard my voice and was standing about 8 feet behind her husband eyes as big as beach balls) and that we had a thing before I headed overseas for work and that I was trying to track her down. Her husband (Steve) turns to his wife and says ____ do you know a Karen that used to live here? She says no I don't think so. I say (looking at his wife), well I am sorry to bother you Steve, thanks for your time, maybe we will see each other again one day.

    I got a text later that night saying 'don't ever contact me again.'

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